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We offer the opportunity to have nearly every variety of trees and bushes with huge flowers that bloom nearly all summer and grow back every year providing endless gardens of flowers and fruit at the lowest possible cost.

Institute of Life LLC believes everyone deserves the right to a beautiful yard full of flowering trees, bushes and flowers without needing to be rich. 

Our corporation provides endless varieties of trees, bushes, flowers, and growth supporting systems that promote the maximum growth at the least cost and time needed to maintain hundreds of plants.  Our products save significant amounts and time and money by nearly eliminating the time required to maintain a yard full of flowers and trees.  We eliminate the time required for watering, weeding, fertilizing and these systems reduce time needed for mowing.

Imagine endless gardens of flowers, fruit and vegetables surrounded by endless varieties of trees and bushes that provide beauty, endless colors and endless amounts of fruit and vegetables with endless lighting, watering and weed free barrier systems. 

We allow customers the opportunity to have a vacation home right in their own backyard to enjoy a picture perfect yard for years to come.  

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The Institute of Life serves the people of Central and Western North Dakota including the communities of Bismarck,
Mandan, Steele, Minot, Dickinson, Williston, Harvey, Carrington, Jamestown, Center, Moffit, Baldwin, and Linton.
Call to find out more about our nursery trees, bushes and supplies.

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