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What bushes produce the best color leaves & or flowers?


There are many trees & bushes that flower every spring filling your yard with beautiful blooming colors from white, yellow, pink, red & blue. The most popular shelterbelt bush is the Purple Lilac because it's very hardy, provides great wind protection & fills your yard every spring with beautiful blue and/or white colors that smell wonderful (see pictures in bush varieties section). The second most popular bush is the Amur Maple because it produces a very small fragrant white flower in the spring that smells like honeysuckle & produces beautiful leaf colors from yellow, red, pink, orange and/or purple in the fall. If you like the color red, try the Canada Red or Schubert Chokecherry which starts off with green leaves that turn and stay red all season. I planted all three in my yard because I like a variety of colors all season. If you want flowers & fruit, the most popular bushes are Chokecherry, Juneberry or Serviceberry and American Plum.


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