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How much will my shelterbelt cost?


Each row of 3-4 foot high trees or bushes spaced every 12 feet will cost on average approximately $400 per row. Larger trees will average just $2 dollars more per tree; shorter trees will average $1 less per foot per tree. If you start with larger trees it will take less time to have a more mature shelterbelt. Don't wait a lifetime for big trees! For just a few dollars more, you start your shelterbelt with bigger trees the first year. If cost is an issue, start your shelterbelt with one row of trees per year or start with smaller trees.

Call our help line at 701-426-9707 if you have questions on how to reduce the costs of your shelterbelt.

Phone lines open evenings from 6pm to 11pm Monday-Friday & weekends 8am to 10pm

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