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How do I dig the holes for my trees?


Before digging any hole, call the 811 help line to make sure all power and gas lines are well marked before you dig. The fastest way to dig a lot of holes is to rent a 12-24 inch post-hole digger from a rental place or use a post-hole digger on a Bobcat to drill your holes. Depending on how fast you can work, it can take just one day to dig all the tree holes for under $100. Its best to dig holes deeper than is needed so if you want to widen the holes the extra dirt can fall in the holes. Each hole should be about 2-4 foot deep depending on the size of the tree you are planting and size of the hole you need. I rented an 18 inch post-hole digger and dug the holes 3-4 feet deep. Then, I used a shovel and widened each hole to 2-3 foot wide by cutting the side of the holes with the spade. This way the sides of the hole are not so smooth from the digger so the roots can penetrate and grow faster. The day before planting it's a good idea to fill the holes with water so the soil is moist around the roots when planting. This way the dirt around the trees does not rob the roots of moisture.

Call our helpline at 701-426-9707 if you have questions on digging tree holes.

Phone lines open evenings from 6pm to 11pm Monday-Friday & weekends 8am to 10pm

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