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What helps trees, bushes and evergreen grow the best?

I don't generally use fertilizers on my bareroot trees until the third year allowing more time for the roots to grow so they can support more leaves. But I did use a root starter on all my trees the first year, which has a lot of phosphorous in it which promotes root growth and helps bare root trees that are still in shock from being dug up. Ask a local hardware store for the lowest cost root starter. The lowest cost fertilizer I found was a 10-10-10 garden fertilizer, but a root starter is even better. It's best not to provide too much nitrogen the first few years or the trees will grow too many leaves and that requires more roots to support which can put the trees in stress when it starts to get dry later in the summer.

Evergreens and many trees require acid soil conditions to grow best. Some of the best growing conditions for evergreens are in Minnesota where the iron mines are located. Most soils in North Dakota are alkaline or have a high PH which makes it hard for evergreens and some trees to grow and survive. I like to add a water soluble iron pellet like Ironite to the soils around my trees. Rusty iron bolts and nails can also provide iron as they rust in the soil providing iron to the trees. I have seen great growth and color in my evergreens by just using a handful of Ironite and Gypsum around them. Gypsum keeps clay soils soft allowing roots to grow faster which helps trees grow faster and absorb more nutrients from the soil. Give it a try! Bags of these products cost under $20 which is an inexpensive investment. Ask the NDSU Soil Department for the best amounts of each for your soil type in your yard. Soil tests are very cheap and easy to get.

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