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What's the best time to plant trees?


The best time to plant trees is the first week of May or after the buds start to break open. This way allows more time to plant by selecting the varieties that break buds first. Place your tree roots in a 5 gallon bucket of water for 1-2 hours before you plant so the roots are well hydrated. Wrap the roots in wet wood or paper mulch so the roots stay cool and wet while you plant them. Keep roots cool and wet until they are covered with dirt. Its best to take just a few trees at a time so they will not spend too much time outside exposed to hot or cold temperatures. I planted most of my trees in the morning and evening when it was cooler and there was less sun. Best to plant when its cloudy, wet, cool and not much wind. If not, keep roots wet in water while you plant to keep them protected.

Each bare root has had a portion of its roots cut off when it's dug up. These larger cut roots need to have the very tip of the root sliced off to allow them to grow and absorb more water. Similar to cutting the base off a Christmas tree so it starts to absorb water again. All you need to do it take a sharp knife and slice the end of the cut root so it's a fresh cut. Now it's ready to plant.

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