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How long does the shelterbelt need to be to protect my home?


Example: a 400 foot row divided by 6 = 67 bushes; add one extra or 69 so you have enough bushes to cover the whole row. Plant bushes 6 feet apart. Example: if you step off the row for your bushes, every two steps or 6 feet plant a bush; every four steps of 12 feet plant a tree…Divide the distance by 6 feet for bushes and 12 feet for trees; add one as you need to start each row with one tree or bush. Example: for a 2 acre shelterbelt take distance 800 feet divide by 12 = 80 trees or by 6 =160 bushes per row. Tree rows on the outside are longer than inside rows so add trees to the outside and order less for the inside rows. Its best to walk off each row so you know exactly how many you need.


Each variety of tree and or bush have different space needs so call our help line 701-426-9707 if you have questions on how many trees or bushes you will need to buy.

Phone lines open evenings from 6pm to 11pm Monday-Friday & weekends 8am to 10pm

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