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What is the fastest & easiest way to water a lot of trees?

Most smaller trees take about 3-5 gallons of water per week to keep them growing. I started using a five gallon bucket to hand water trees but with 500 trees I learned fast it can take a whole day/week to water the tress. Hand watering trees can take an hour for every 20 trees and wastes a lot of water between trees as you want around with the hoses. Avoid spending a lot of time and money watering trees by using low cost ¾ inch irrigation tubing and 1 gallon per hour drip inserts. Tubing costs as little $70/400 feet or $1.80 per tree and drip inserts cost as little as 20 cents each so it can cost as little as $2/tree or $1 per bush to install drip inserts and tubing on all the trees. Takes just 3 hours to water up to 300 trees. Saving 1000 hours of your time and hundreds of dollars in lower watering costs. A cheap investment that will pay for itself in the first year. I used ¾ inch blue line irrigation tubing from Menards and drip inserts from Strong Enterprises. Prices and stores change all the time so just go online to search for the lowest cost drip inserts and tubing.

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