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What's the best way to keep weeds out of my trees and bushes?

The best way to protect your trees from weeds and keep them moist and looking great is to use long lasting tree protecting fabric. Tree fabric from Institute of Health LLC keeps weeds away from the trees allowing more moisture for them to grow. A 500 foot long roll of fabric costs around 60 cents a foot for a 6 foot wide roll. This allows 3 feet of fabric on each side of the tree. Just roll the fabric down each row of trees, cut a small x one foot wide in the center of the fabric at the location of each tree and lift the fabric over each tree. Staple the fabric down by hoeing a row 3 inches deep about three feet on each side of the trees so you can pin down the fabric with 8 inch fabric staples every four feet so you can bury the edges of the fabric to keep the fabric from blowing away. The fabric keeps the soil from drying out in the wind and holds moisture under the fabric so trees grow faster and better.

Fabric saves a lot of time and money when it's used in place of spraying weed killer between the trees to kill weeds. Problem is the spray can kill the trees. Fabric also prevents the need for tilling the entire tree rows and pulling weeds out from around each tree. In addition, the cost of the tillers can average over $1000 and it takes hours of your time several times a year to keep trees free of weeds. The fabric costs more up front but will save you hundreds of hours of time and labor. By the third season, we were sick of tilling and pulling weeds so we invested in tree fabric.

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