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Suggested Tree Varieties

These tree varieties are hardy in this region. Some varieties stay green year round,
require less water and are more tolerant of wind and poor soil conditions.

Call to discuss the best options

Blue Spruce
Ponderosa Pine
Eastern Red Cedar
Black Hills Spruce
Scotch Pine
Rocky Mountain Juniper
Canada Red Cherry
Burr Oak
Red Oak
Silver Maple
Amur Maple
American Linden
Green Ash

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Introductory prices on selected deciduous trees & bushes as low as:
     $2.99 for 1-2 foot bare root trees and bushes,
     $3.99 for 2-3 foot bare root trees and bushesp
     $4.99 for 3-4 foot bare root trees and bushes
     5-8 foot trees available as low as $7.99
Hundreds of varieties and sizes available just call for prices and availability.

Potted Blue Spruce and Ponderosa Pine Trees:
     2 Gallon Potted trees 18-24 inch Now $17.99
     Bare root Blue Spruce 18-24 inch Now $6.99

Call for prices, availability, but don't wait! Supply on larger varieties is limited so reserve your orders now. Just 25% down holds your orders till spring! Call for ideas and suggestions on best varieties to plant to support wildlife, privacy, fast growing and most hardy varieties for our region. Just call us Call now and save!

Call Darian at Institute of Life LLC at (701) 223-6678 evenings from 6-11pm Monday-Friday & weekends 8am to 10pm. Cell coverage from (701) 426-9707 after 6pm.

Call now to save big!! I look forward to your calls & questions.

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